What are some Gluten Free Food Options?


Types of gluten free foods

Many adults are facing challenges with gluten which often leads to inflammatory responses in the body. A healthy balance of gluten free food options are always best to help counter such responses. When considering gluten free alternatives, vegetables- Potatoes, Bananas (both ripe and green, Yams, Breadfruits, Plantains, grains such as Quinona, Amaranth, Fonio, Teff are also among natural and healthy alternatives. There are also other GF food options derived from Cassava, Rice and Sorghum, Organic corn based products. Studying one’s body and understanding the fuel foods it requires are essential approaches when choosing food options and GF items that fit best for each.

A few Tropical gluten foods no one talks about.

Bananas- eaten in its green form as a West Indian staple. Has benefits of being starch resistant and can be used as flour base for baked goods. Used in multiple dishes such as curry, stews, hot cereals, prepared package snacks, gravy bases.

Plantains: used a staple dish in many cultures. Eaten green, ripe, baked, steamed. Healthy alternative to wheat products.

Breadfruits: Staple African/West Indian food. High starch content. Good alternative to traditional carbs/wheat products.

Yams: indigenous to Africa. Comes in many varieties. Eaten for centuries and is used for its many health benefits. Comes in many varieties depending on the areas it’s grown. Suitable plant based starch replacement to processed wheat flour.

Potatoes- staple used in many parts of the world. In its natural form, is loaded with vitamin a, d e, k. Suitable as dietary staple, used in gravies, as main course, as prepared packaged snacks.

Amaranth- also known as calaloo in the West Indies. Loaded with vitamins such as aaaaaa. Used as stews, cereals (in grain form) herbal remedies in raw leaf life forms.

Breadfruits- aka Pana. Widely used in Caribbean islands and the Thailand. Known as GF plant based alternative to wheat flour. can be used in stews, as stable foods, baking and, prepackaged foods.

Potatoes- Gluten free alternative both in its regular potato form or as a sweet potato. Has versatility and is used in many dishes including baking.

Fonio- indigenous to Africa- healthy alternative to rice/wheat products. used for hot cereals, breads and as staple when steamed and paired with other foods.

Teff- Excellent for diabetics and low energy individuals Used in many varieties as flatbreads, hot cereals or dinner staples.

Amarnath- used as grains or in its leafy green form. Loaded with natural vitamins and minerals.

Cassava/Tapioca- indigenous African food- widely used in many forms of foods as bases/thickeners/puddings/breads/among others.

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