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We are investing YOU!!

Vegan Pride was created and inspired by a healthcare professional, wellness guru, plant based nutritionist and academic professor. After many years of her own personal health challenges and setbacks, she embarked the vegan lifestyle, which terminated the many health challenges she once faced. She later endorsed the vegan lifestyle to many clients/patients, who also experienced remarkable results. She decided to share food ideas/ diet plans with others to also help them live more meaningful and healthier lifestyles.

The Vegan Pride living is proudly implemented to help take the worries out of daily meal planning and enhance survival into embracing a more guilt free living. Using this Mind body- plant based model, our customers are also assisted in embracing their health journeys and better enabled to live the healthy life they were meant to have!!

Benefits of the Vegan Lifestyle!!!

Why Plant Based?

Can help to lower cholesterol

Aids in increase chance of better Health.

Helps to decrease inflammatory immune responses

Veganism as Medicine

Plants contain natural nutrients vitamins and minerals to boost immunity.

Healthy plant based diet aid in fighting diseases and the aging process

Can improve overall immunity

Studies show- it also lowers risk for certain diseases such as cancer, heart disease, renal impairment & cognitive declines

Helps to lower diabetic incidence/glycemic control and according to some studies can- even reverse it.

What people say about us

Being able to order from this company has really helped me better manage my diabetes. My AIC has gone down significantly and I feel really good.

Mary S.

All stars!! This really helps with quick healthy meals while on the go.

Susan M.

I buy from here for my mom who is partially disabled and she praises their cooking and meals- she thinks it’s grandma style stuff.

Adam T.

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