Our Mission

Home of Diverse Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten free Prepared Food Options

For centuries our fore parents have been nourished by the vitamins and minerals of the earth. The foods that have healed, prevented diseases and helped to lead a fulfilling life. Vegan Pride has been corporated to provide you with a chance at wellness- pre modern times. We offer natural and organic plant based food options to energize and electrify your body. It’s the food, that doesn’t impose guilt on your quantity and calories.

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What You Can Expect

When you order from Vegan Pride Foods- you can expect to receive top quality!


Freshly prepared just for you!

Quality Ingredients

All foods are naturally/organically derived. No food dyes added to meals ever.

All meals are guaranteed fresh and ready to eat!

Free Shipping

Free nationwide shipping (exclude Hawaii and Alaska) on orders over $145+.

Minimum purchase applies.

Vegans and Vegetarians adore us!

Anna M.

“My meals are always fresh and I love the fact that they carry various tasting dishes.”

Sean T.

“I’m an Avid Bean lover and this dish really sealed the deal!”

Maria E.

“My family really loves this dish, we just can never get enough of it”

Adam S.

“I love every moment of dipping these sweeet potato in the sauce- makes me feel like I went to heaven and back.”

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