Vegan Pride considers you dearly when choosing food items. All foods/meals are created from organically sourced produce, as well as flours/cookies sourced from aluminum/dye/bleach free ingredients.

We take allergies seriously and have ensured all measures are taken to not contaminate foods/ snacks with nuts. Items that include nuts are few and are handled on a separate serving table- dedicated only for nuts. 

  • Your meals will arrive prepackaged separately and ready to eat. Where possible, it is recommended that you follow label instructions, warming items in microwave or adding condiments (cheese, sugars, salt) to you taste.
  • Where storage guidelines are followed, meals should be good for 7-10 days in the refrigerator. Please make all attempts to refrigerate your meals immediately upon arrival to ensure freshness when ready. 
  • Items such as charcuterie are best when served at room temperature, therefore we suggest leaving them at room temperature 30-40 minutes before grazing time. 

Plates are recyclable and can be reused around the home, therefore we suggest doing so where possible in order to decrease pollutants.


Vegan Pride takes quality seriously and has taken all measures to ensure your meals/snacks arrive unadulterated. We are not able to accept returns but are willing to resolve any issues reported within 24 hours of receiving an item.  As an added caution, please be sure to track your orders so you’re able to locate shipped foods in a timely manner and prevent deterioration that can be caused by extreme weathers when packages are delayed outdoors.


Need help?

Contact us at {VeganPrideFoods@yahoo.com} for any questions.